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Renaissance College opened for students in August 2006 and is providing an all-through education for 2,100 students aged 5 to 18 years. With advanced design and facilities, Renaissance College is testament to ESF’s continuing contribution to the future of quality education in Hong Kong, featuring first-class amenities such as a dedicated sports centre with sports hall and swimming pool, cafeteria, library and performance arts centre; and high-level infrastructure for Information and Communication Technology. We have a fully developed 1:1 Apple laptop programme for over 1100 students and further 500 school owned Apple laptops and desktops. We also have a growing iPad programme.

Higher Education Counsellor


The position will be a full-time two years contract starting August 2018, renewable by mutual consent.

Reports to: Secondary Vice Principal / IBDP Coordinator

The Counsellor - Higher Education should:
• develop and regularly update the tertiary and careers information resources available in the Careers & Further Education Centre
• inform and instruct students on using the internet & other media to gain access to tertiary and careers information
• organise the in-school further education fair and invite guest speakers from institutions of further education
• ensure that senior students are aware of and enabled to attend education fairs such as the Linden Tour, World Education Fair, British Education Exhibition, & Australian Education Fair
• develop and maintain an understanding of the Chinese, British, North American, Australian, Japanese, Korean and Indian tertiary application systems, and gain information on tertiary requirements of other countries as appropriate
• be active in establishing links and promoting the College with representatives of universities and colleges
• run information evenings for Years 11, 12, & 13 parents and students about the college and university applications process, what grants and financial aid is available, housing issues, issues regarding the transition to university
• create monthly careers and further education newsletters for the website
• develop and annually update the school’s Academic Profile
• advise students on their College applications
• guide students through the applications process and check applications
• liaise with the Careers Advisor to provide guidance for students on writing a coherent, clear, well presented curriculum vitae and personal statement
• liaise with the Careers Advisor to provide guidance and practice opportunities of interview situations
• liaise with the Careers Advisor regarding career-related areas of interest for Years 12/13 students
• ensure that all graduating students have a copy of their academic transcript for their previous four years of academic study
• liaise with all tertiary institutions regarding references and transcripts
• write references in support of students college/university applications as required
• develop procedures for students requesting teacher references and provide guidance and support for teachers in writing those references
• inform and facilitate student access to all necessary and relevant information regarding SAT, TOEFL, IELTS tests, etc
• administer PSAT tests as required
• keep updating students through the IBO universities website.

Candidates will be expected to have:
• fluent communication skills in English, both spoken and written;
• well developed counselling skills with students;
• presentation and group facilitation skills;
• a well developed understanding of information technology systems that support higher education guidance;
• a determination to develop professionally and keep up to date with developments in
higher education guidance.


• Bachelor’s Degree
• Previous experience in a higher education counselling role

Closing Date: 22 Mar 2018
For enquiries, please contact Lucia Lam at

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