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Secondary School with 1,200 students.

Head of Psychology (TLR 4)


A full-time Head of Psychology teacher is required to join a successful and continually expanding department within the Individuals & Societies Faculty. In the 2019/2020 academic year the department will have approximately 92 students spread across Years 12 and 13. We teach Psychology as part of the I.B. Diploma, taking Social and Dysfunctional Psychology as our options. However, the successful applicant will be free to adjust the curriculum.

The position will involve teaching IBDP Psychology to both Years 12 and 13 and work in collaboration with a second teacher of the subject to develop the subject. As such the post holder will be responsible for planning lessons, developing schemes of work, and aligning their work with the subject, faculty, and school development plans. The position may also involve teaching other related faculty subjects and courses such as MYP Integrated Humanities, MYP Interdisciplinary Units, Lifeskills/Explorations, and may also involve being a pastoral form tutor as part of the school house system.

The department comprises two members of staff and enjoys a very positive working environment and excellent examination results. The ethos is one of teamwork, mutual support, flexibility and continuous improvement. The department is well equipped with a wide range of up to date resources.

Job Description

The description below is layered on top of a mainscale teachers job description. All TLR responsibility holders have a teaching responsibility that on top of their primary subject area, may include teaching other subjects including MYP Humanities, MYP Interdisciplinary-Units (IDUs), and/or other relevant I&S subjects as needed.

Key responsibilities

Leading the ongoing development of the Psychology curriculum.
Keeping fully aware of IB Psychology curriculum development and subject pedagogy and communicating this effectively to Psychology teachers and the wider faculty.
Understand the development of IB assessment requirements and communicate effectively to teachers. This includes working closely with the exams office and IB Coordinators.
Maintaining standards of planning of the written curriculum in line with IBDP coordinator and faculty expectations to ensure student progress, including horizontal and vertical planning of ATL skills, subject content and concepts.
Monitoring/evaluating the development of teaching and learning in the programme and the standards of achievement in Psychology.
Supporting staff teaching Psychology and planning their professional development with them.
Planning and managing resources. Efficiently managing delegated spending according to school policies.
Designing and maintaining online curriculum resources for the department including course information and resources on the school website and internal department pages.
Running effective meetings and providing agendas and minutes of these meetings.
Attending whole school, phase team, faculty, and subject meetings as required.
Creating and reviewing subject development plans and targets to ensure alignment of department with faculty and school development plans.
Implementing all agreed school policies and actively promoting a whole school vision.

Key accountabilities

High quality teaching and learning consistently achieved in Psychology.
All I.B. Diploma prescribed requirements.
Resources for learning match needs of the students.
Achievement of all students relative to their ability.
Contributes actively to other subject areas, including the MYP and Futures Curriculums.
All staff are performing at a high level and/or underperformance is addressed.
Contributing to the Foundation wide Subject Coordinator groups.
Accountable to the Principal, IBDP Curriculum Coordinator, and Head of Faculty.


A good teacher with very good relationships with staff and students.
Committed to the highest expectations of students and their learning.
High personal expectations.
An understanding of the requirements of the various courses.
Able to communicate effectively.
Able to use data appropriately.
Able to plan efficiently and manage change.
Able to develop a coherent, well motivated and effective team.
Able to coach colleagues.
Able to demonstrate a commitment to CPD.

This post will be a full-time two years renewable contract starting August 2019, pending any reorganisation due to curriculum changes or the school rebuilding project.

Time Allowance

Teaching Load 58/80 (8-period day)

Closing Date: 30 Jan 2019
For enquiries, please contact Betty Tsu at

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