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Sha Tin College is a member of the English Schools Foundation and was established in 1983. Sha Tin College is very well established with an outstanding reputation. The expectations of students, parents and staff are understandably high. As an international secondary school offering IGCSE and IB MYP and IBDP/CP, we are based in the New Territories of Hong Kong. We serve a stable and established community with over 1200 students on roll.

Student Counsellor (Wellbeing)


Sha Tin College is seeking to appoint a Wellbeing Counsellor to support the wellbeing of students, staff and parents through the provision of counselling services for students & staff. The Wellbeing Counsellor is an important leader within the College supporting our Mission, Values, policies and procedures.

The roles and responsibilities of the Wellbeing Counsellor are to:
• Work with a diverse range of issues for example: bereavement and loss, transition, bullying, eating disorders, self-harm, depression, anger management, anxiety, stress, abuse and relationship issues
• Provide advice to colleagues, where relevant, about issues arising in counselling and suggestions for proactive and preventative ways these might be addressed
• Act as a consultant and resource person within the College community, including suggesting referrals to outside agencies/experts
• Access support from a variety of external agencies
• Assist and support parents/caregivers in addressing social, emotional, and educational issues
• Identify students and groups of students who are at risk of poor educational and/or social outcomes and develop plans and programmes to assist them
• Agree a counselling contract to determine what will be covered in sessions (including confidentiality issues)
• Be aware of the limits of counselling and the appropriate juncture to refer clients to other mental health professionals for diagnosis and/or further support
• Provide information for the community on the counselling service and the role of the counsellor
• Help reinforce a safe and inclusive school culture
• Maintain suitable, secure, & confidential case notes & counselling records
• Provide an annual report, including an analysis of numbers using the service and an overview of the types of issues for the SLT
• Respond, as part of a team, to emergencies and critical incidents
• Contribute to the Peer Mentoring training of students
• Develop strategies for promoting emotional resilience in the College
• Lead professional development for staff as needed
• Prepare and manage budget

Working with Students:
• Provide a professional and confidential counselling service
• Facilitate group counselling sessions, when necessary
• Offer programmes and activities, possibly preventative in nature
• Promote healthy communication between families, peers and staff
• Student advocacy
• Mediation/restorative practices
• Identify students at risk and provide appropriate support
• Ensure accessible and appropriate services for Chinese and other ethnic groups at school

Working with Staff:
• Share expertise to support all staff in their guidance and teaching roles
• Generate support from staff for students whose individual needs may become apparent through counselling

Working with Families:
• Provide a professional and confidential counselling service for families/caregivers
• Support families in times of crisis
• Assist families with parenting, such as establishing appropriate rules and boundaries for their children’s behavior
• Share information about adolescent development while acknowledging the tensions, challenges and rewards of living with teenagers
• Share family concerns with staff, where appropriate
• Facilitate and/or lead parenting courses


The Wellbeing Counsellor role is complex as a counsellor needs to build and maintain professional relationships with a wide range of people. The counsellor is bound by ethics of confidentiality that can be both a privilege but also isolating. There are tensions between different aspects of the role, e.g. advocacy for students, supporting staff, supporting parents and ensuring a safe environment for all. Counselling in a school setting provides students with an opportunity to explore difficulties and concerns and empowers them to make informed decisions. This work helps result in the best possible educational and social outcomes for students. Although the counsellor role is crucial, counsellors do not discipline and punish students as this could compromise the counselling relationship. Wellbeing Counsellors complement and enhance the work of teachers by strengthening student welfare provisions and providing counselling and psychological assessment of students with specific needs.

Personal Skills and Abilities
• Demonstrate empathy with the needs and feelings of others
• Acknowledge and respect diversity of culture, gender, age, disability, religion and sexual orientation and be non-judgmental
• Establish a relationship of trust and respect with clients, and with the wider school community
• Be a skilled communicator - possess excellent observation and listening skills
• Be patient, flexible, curious and sensitive
• Understand her/his own attitudes and beliefs
• Convey to students a belief that they can all make positive change

Knowledge and Experience
• At least two years of experience as a practicing counsellor
• An understanding of international education and the nature of secondary schools
• Awareness of the distinctive societal and parental expectations of young people in Hong Kong
• Possess a relevant counselling qualification
• Undertake regular ongoing supervision from a professional counselling supervisor

The Wellbeing Counsellor should have regular professional supervision with a supervisor who is a member of an appropriate professional association, bound by a Code of Ethics and subject to a complaints procedure. The College is aware of, and supportive of, these supervisory needs. Regular supervision is important, not only for the wellbeing of the counsellor’s clients, but also for the wellbeing of the counsellor

• Bachelor degree;
• Recognised Higher Degree in counselling, social work, educational psychology or other relevant discipline;
• Professional registration with recognised body;
• Minimum 3 years post-qualification practice with young people, preferably in an international school setting.

Closing Date: 25 Feb 2019
For enquiries, please contact Lorna Gomes at +852 26991811 or

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