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The English Schools Foundation (ESF) is a modern, well-managed educational organisation, committed to offering an international education to students drawn from over 70 countries. We are proud to be at the forefront of the educational hub in Hong Kong. We actively take advantage of the opportunities that Hong Kong offers as Asia’s world city and the principal gate-way to China.

The curriculum, leading to the International Baccalaureate, is adapted to Hong Kong, and the Asia Pacific region. ESF’s 1,100 teachers are highly qualified bringing with them experience from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States, the UK and many other international school systems. All schools offer a broad range of out-of-school activities in Hong Kong and overseas.

ESF has over 18,000 students. Our culture is one of joy in learning and pride in achievement. The great majority of our students study for the IB Diploma and gain entry to universities all over the world. ESF has a long-standing commitment to children with additional needs and is the principal provider for English-speaking children with special educational needs in Hong Kong. For further details about ESF, please visit our website at

Primary Adviser

The English Schools Foundation is looking for a Primary Adviser to lead, challenge and support all ESF kindergarten and primary schools in the continuous development of curriculum and pedagogy. Oversee the academic and guidance programmes for all students from kindergarten to year 6 (K-6), support student wellbeing and inclusion whilst working closely with education team colleagues in providing support and guidance for all students.

About the role:
To lead, challenge and support kindergartens and primary schools (and Private Independent Schools) in the continuous development of curriculum and pedagogy which:
• meets standards and practices set by the International Baccalaureate (IB), and other qualifications in ESF early years and primary education;• is broad, balanced and relevant to all students of all abilities;
• is assessed, recorded and reported appropriately for all the stakeholders, and
• is enhanced with professional development for staff thereby ensuring learning and teaching are developing and are of high quality.

Key duties and responsibilities
• To make a significant contribution to the development of a coherent curriculum framework for K-13 across ESF schools;
• To lead and coordinate the PYP K-6 curriculum;
• To support and challenge the relevant leaders of kindergarten, primary and secondary schools to enhance continuity of teaching and learning, and in designing K- 13 curriculum transition for students;
• To support schools in managing evaluation and external accreditation of their programme with the IB and other accrediting bodies;
• To chair or advise appropriate groups of Vice Principals and Curriculum Coordinators in the development of curriculum, professional development and other aspects of K-6 education;
• To liaise with the IB, Examination Boards (and other external bodies/agencies) and ensure schools have up to date and relevant knowledge;
• To work in partnership with schools, curriculum group chairs and the Head of CPD in planning, co- development, delivering and evaluating professional development for kindergarten and primary teachers and school based support staff;
• To plan, develop and monitor professional learning models across kindergarten and primary schools;
• To contribute to the strategic development and work of the Education Development Team, including lead and contribute to reviews, develop and implement policy and other projects that the Director of Education deems appropriate;

Lines of reporting
This role will be working as part of the Education Department of ESF under the leadership of the Director of Education.


We are looking for an individual with Senior Executive experience.

The position requires a knowledge and understanding of:
• leading and developing school based teams;
• experience of implementing curriculum change;
• high quality learning, teaching and assessment in relation to K-6 education and be able to define it;
• inclusion and implementing a curriculum for students of a wide range of need;
• K-6 school needs and the identification of associated professional development.

The position requires the ability to:
• monitor, support and challenge schools in a positive manner;
• lead and work collaboratively with different groups of people;
• demonstrate strategic and project management skills including development planning and resource budgeting;
• effective communication skills;

- A first degree, a teaching qualification and evidence of further study

Working in Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a premier destination for expatriate and local teachers! ESF staff enjoy an extremely lucrative salary package and a very high standard of living overall, in an exciting and vibrant world city. The teaching profession is highly respected, student motivation and outcomes are excellent, and all teachers and leaders receive considerable support from ESF with settling into Hong Kong, as well as with their professional development. Please feel free to contact us in advance about life in Hong Kong if you feel a conversation on this topic would be helpful.

Closing Date: 02 Feb 2020
For enquiries, please contact Paul Munder at

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